• Gild By Raven Kennedy Book Review

    Look, there’s a lot to like about Gild. The writing is poetic, and the world is developed and unique. Raven Kennedy has set up a unique character with a believable reaction to trauma. But what Gild also likes to dabble in is torture porn, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  • A Lady For A Duke By Alexis Hall Book Review

    When I saw that Alexis Hall had written a trans historical romance I ran and didn’t walk to buy the book. I’ve loved all his queer contemporary romance books, so I was more than ready to give this one a go. And did I love it, of course, did I love it as much as his contemporary romance stories, probably not, but this is still a great book. Read More

  • All Rhodes Lead Here By Mariana Zapata Book Review

    This book was so cosy. It’s like reading about normal life but with drama, love and transformation thrown in to make it exciting. It’s such an excellent skill Mariana Zapata has, this ability to transform the ordinary into something worth reading about. Read More

  • New Books in July I’m Excited About

    New Books in July I'm Excited About Read More

  • Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros Book Review

    I’d seen so many mixed reviews about this book. I enjoyed the first book’s mix of fantasy and romance, and especially the dragons, but all of the mixed reactions put me off starting this one. I definitely could have read it sooner. Maybe I went in with low expectations, but it was still a good read. Read More

  • Wait For It By Mariana Zapata Book Review

    This book is about suburban America. It’s not the high-end drama like famous sports stars and competitive figure skating, it’s just normal Americans with their normal dramas. And I kind of feel bad by admitting I didn’t quite love it. Read More

  • Dear Aaron By Mariana Zapata Book Review

    It’s a super sweet idea. Girl emails deployed soldier through the Write A Soldier program and through mail, emails, care packages, instant messages and calls they fall in love. But can their chemistry survive a meeting in real life? Read More

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