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A Rogue Of One's Own Book Review

People We Meet On Vacation is one of those reads that you think will be a fun, sexy good time, but what it turns out to be is a heartfelt, nostalgic homage to love and travel (as well as a sexy good time). 

Emily Henry is a master at building her characters. They resonate, but they always resonate best together. I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did, but it’s up there as one of my favourite books of the year. TikTok books aren’t always overhyped it seems. 

The Plot

Lady Lucie is the head of the suffragette chapter in Oxford and the new joint owner of a London Publishing. The plan is to subvert the Wholesome women’s magazines that it publishes to spread the word for women’s rights.  

Her plan is thwarted by Tristan Ballantine, a childhood nuisance and London’s biggest lothario and her new business partner at London Publishing. Their business relationship soon morphs into a secret romance. But how can they ever have a proper relationship when Lady Lucie refuses to lose her freedom to marriage.  

The Review

The first half of this story is a little slow and a bit confused. Lady Lucie is the formidable and driven leader of the Oxford women’s suffragist chapter. That’s on the outside, on the inside she comes across as confused, anxious, and a bit insecure. Possibly an outcome of the author being a bit confused by her character’s personality herself.  

However, when Lucie and Tristan give in to their base desires for each other the story really takes off. It becomes exciting, interesting (especially about the numbers of hidden domestic abuse), and very very hot.  

Lucie and Tristan’s first time together fits both characters really well from a personality and development standpoint. I especially liked the ending of the novel and thought the outcome fit the characters and the feminist story arch.  


Once you get past the slow start A Rogue Of One’s Own picks up red hot speed. Come for the romance and stick around for the suffragette history.

— Bliss
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