A Touch Wicked by Katrina Kendrick Book Review

A Touch Wicked by Katrina Kendrick Book Review. Historical romance

Thank you NetGalley and Aria and Aries for this advance copy in exchange for my honest review. 

A Touch Wicked is luckily more than just a touch wicked. It’s decadent fantasies and lamp-lit assignations that are sexy enough to have you hot and bothered. Add in some witty banter, and I was more than happy for it to have its wicked way with me. 

A Touch Wicked has been adapted from a short story to a longer novel and it does sometimes feel like there’s two stories being crammed into one. First, we have a story of spies and lost sisters and dastardly assailants. Secondly, we have a story of hidden identities and lots of sex. They fit together and then sometimes parts just feel like they’re tacked on. 

A Touch Wicked Plot

The Masquerade has only two rules: Depart by morning and never reveal your identity. HE IS LONDON’S MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR. James, the Earl of Kent, is at the top of every debutante’s list for marriage. He’s handsome, wealthy, and on the lookout for a bride. But when he meets a mysterious beauty at London’s most illicit club, fascination becomes intrigue—and she harbours deadly secrets. SHE IS A PENNILESS NOBODY. In a desperate bid to save her criminal sister, Emma Dumont infiltrates the earl’s household under false pretences. When a clue leads her to a scandalous masque, she finds herself in the arms of her handsome employer—and torn between duty and lethal attraction. As her sister’s crimes threaten to expose Emma’s deception, she becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy. And with the truth comes danger…

A Touch Wicked Review

I enjoyed the dialogue in this novel. There’s an enjoyable back-and-forth which is pretty sexy. And I think the author has used the more old-fashioned language deftly and in a modern way. 

What she also writes well is sex. Some authors just have it and Kendrick does it so well. It’s sexy, it’s intimate. Sometimes it’s soft and other times it’s intense. There’s one scene where Emma is describing a fantasy she has and it was hot! Also when they have desperate makeup sex after everything comes out, spice!

The Masquerade where James and Emma begin their sexual relationship is a decadent twist. I can’t quite believe that he wouldn’t recognise Emma without the mask outside of the Masquerade, but I’m still here for the debauchery of it. 

There were a few things that didn’t sit quite right. First, she moves countries, and jobs to find her sister all because of an invitation that she finds. Um, if her sister doesn’t have the invite then she can’t get in, so why should she search for her there? I think there needs to be more to send her across the Channel. Maybe a note saying, Meet me at the Masquerade with a date?

Her connection to the Duke of Sutherland is also just mentioned in one line when I feel like it could be shown better. Lots of telling, not showing in that bit. 

The ending also seemed to go on for a bit too long. He confesses love and she says no, he confesses love again and she says no, he confesses love again and she says no, he confesses love again and she says no, and then… he confesses love again and she suddenly thinks ‘I deserve happiness’ and says yes. Maybe the epiphany needed to be more resounding after all the nos. 


Overall I enjoyed A Touch Wicked. There were some well-written moments and some deft handling of the historical setting. There are a few things that could be fixed to make it excellent. 

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