Hi, I’m Bliss, the reader and writer behind Books For Bliss. My obsession for reading began young with nightly bedtime stories and DIY books (mostly about Star Wars). I even had to come to the difficult realisation in primary school that I was prioritising reading over friends.

Happiness can be found on a page. Some of my favourite things involve books. Reading a romance novel while drinking an earthy Pinot Noir (another obsession), spending a long morning in bed with a gripping YA, or socially reading with my twin sister and sharing a funny sentence with her.

Books have changed my life. Whether it’s Phillip Pullman shattering my heart with His Dark Materials, Ayn Rand questioning and upending my concept of  society, Jenny Cruzie for the sexiness of good romance, and Tamora Pierce for teaching me how to be a strong girl.

Now I’m a mum to a sweet little boy (so the long mornings reading in bed are no more), and I am passing my love of reading on to him.

With this blog I hope to help you find happiness on a page. Enjoy my book reviews, or the lists of great books you can get started on. I’m always open for a chat and book recommendation.

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— So many books. So little time

Book Facts About Me

Favourite BookTrick Question. This is impossible to say
Book I re-readWild Magic by Tamora Pleasure
About Me

Hi, I'm Bliss, the reader and writer behind Books For Bliss. Discover book reviews, lists for your next great read, or a story to make you feel great. It's all right at your finger tips; happiness on a page. Read More