Book Lovers Book Review

Book Lovers Book Review

Book Lovers is an ode to books and book lovers. The love in these pages is always written like a good book or a nostalgic bookstore.

Emily Henry has described this book as an answer to a question that she had while watching the Hallmark movies that she loves. What happens to the other woman who gets left behind by the man who discovers himself? What happens to the woman who loves the city, cares about her career, wants a successful partner, and wears heels in inappropriate places? Book Lovers is Emily Henry’s answer.

The Plot

Nora Stephen’s has three great loves, her sister, books, and New York City. When her sister convinces her to spend a month in Sunshine Falls, a quaint tiny town, she grudgingly leaves her beloved work and heads to the country. There she keeps running into her arch rival Charlie. Their meet cutes would be cute, if they liked each other. Sparks keep on flying, and despite all the odds they begin to enjoy each others company. But some happy endings might just not be meant to be.

The Review

Emily Henry is a master at crafting relationships. Through meet cutes, or meet uglys, through conversations with witty dialogue and awkward lows and sizzling sexual highs. This is one of the things she gets so right with Book lovers.

The building relationship between Nora and Charlie is just wonderful to read, especially with their angry beginning. The best part is their conversations. They go for pages, and each one is funny and meaningful and builds each character. Unlike a lot of books that write 4 sentences of dialogue and call it two hours of deep talking Henry puts in the work. One notable scene was a dinner at an Italian restaurant between Nora and Charlie. It was basically just conversation and I loved it! Now that was foreplay for women!

Book Lovers is a love letter to books. The bookstores are lovingly rendered. Described in a way that all of us book lovers understand. The smell of the books, the possibilities at your fingertips. The thrill of searching for and then finding that book that gets to come home with you. Even love in this novel is like the pages of a good book, the excitement and hope of an ending, the act of curling up before a fire and reading.

It’s also a love letter to New York City. It’s a place I haven’t been yet, but Henry brings it vividly alive. It’s terrible and beautiful, hilarious and tragic. The sounds, smells, and characters bring it to bustling life. It’s a third character and a major plot point for Nora. She is the career driven woman who loves her job and loves the city.

Henry focuses on romance tropes in this novel, specifically because Nora is somehow living in one against her will. Hilariously, and tragically, she has become the cold woman that boyfriends leave when they meet sweeter women in a country town; who usually need help with a struggling family business. Nora even tries out this trope herself when her sister drags her from New York to the quaint town of Sunshine Falls.


Book Lovers is a book for book lovers and romance lovers. It’s an enemies to lovers, with the sweetest slow burn built through sexy dialogue.

— Bliss
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