Books With Dragons If You Liked Fourth Wing

I’ve always been a fan of dragons in stories. They’re so fantastical, and make everything, just that much more dangerous and exciting. Here’s a list of books with dragons if you liked Fourth Wing. These books will continue your fantasy affair. All the books are quite different, but they have one thing in common, dragons!

Read These Books If You Liked Fourth WingDragonflight – The Dragon Riders Of Pern

Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey is the grandmother of dragon literature. Her books are amazing, especially the first three in her Dragon Riders Of Pern series. These dragons bond with humans, just like Fourth Wing, and there’s even a scene where dragon lust influencers the riders. The Dragon Riders are the ariel army of Pern, there to protect people from the deadly Thread. These books are exciting, they have great characters, world-building, and romance, but no smut.

The Dragon Keeper is a great book to read if you liked Fourth WingThe Dragon Keeper

Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb writes incredible fantasy stories that include dragons. Her characters are always multi-dimensional and so very flawed. She really knows how to write an unlikeable character and then somehow make you forgive them and actually like them. In this series, dragons have returned, but they’re a far cry from their majestic ancestors. They’re deformed and demanding, and such a drain on society that they are sent away upriver to a fabled dragon city, which is really code for, being sent away to die up the river. These books are full of intrigue, surprises, second chances, and dragons finding their power again. There’s romance, but this is more like How To Train Your Dragon but with certain death and some kissing.

Ship Of Magic By Robin Hobb. Books to read with dragons in them. Ship Of Magic

Robin Hobb

This series is the prequel to The Dragon Keeper, and the two stories do have characters that overlap. There’s only one ‘real’ dragon in this story, so I’ve put it second, but there are other types of dragons, which I won’t explain, because of spoilers. This is such a good story and series. Prepare yourself for the usual Robin Hobb magic of writing terrible people who sometimes turn out good, and sometimes become your most hated book character ever.

Zodiac Academy The Awakening is the perfect book to read if you liked Fourth WingZodiac Academy – The Awakening

Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Zodiac Academy is slightly different to the others because these dragons are shape-shifters. This is closest to Fourth Wing as it falls under the Romantasy genre. There’s fantasy, there’s people turning into dragons, there’s romance, there’s sex. Just like Fourth Wing, this series has everything you want in a Romantasy. Just be warned these authors have been given the nickname the Twisted Sisters because their humour is dark but oh-so amazing.

Eragon By Christopher Paolini dragon stories to read if you liked Fourth WingEragon

Christopher Paolini

This book has a dragon called Eragon, and many people rate it so I’m adding it to the list of books with dragons if you liked Fourth Wing. Personally, I thought it was basically fanfic of Lord Of The Rings and the Belgariad series, so I didn’t have much time for it. However, people enjoy the journey-style story of a young boy becoming a famous warrior, and the dragon and elves add fun to it all.

The Rage Of Dragons Book ReviewRage Of Dragons

Evan Winter

This is a masterful revenge story about obsession and sacrifice. The dragons are not friends in this book, they are foes reluctantly coerced into submission. The main character’s drive to become the best swordsman ever known is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever read in a book. This is about the impossible being achieved. There is a love story, but this grows bigger and better in the second book.

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi NovikHis Majesty’s Dragon

Naomi Novik

Before Novik wrote the exquist masterpieces that are A Deadly Education and Uprooted she was known for her Temeraire series. This is the reimagining of the Napoleonic wars but with dragons. Britain and France each have an aerial corps and Captain Will Laurence accidentally bonds with Temeraire and has to join them. This series is a cross between historical fiction and high fantasy, which I’ve always been a sucker for.

Books with dragons like Fourth WingThe Priory Of The Orange Tree

Samantha Shannon

The Priory Of The Orange Tree is a high-fantasy story about female power, manipulation through lies, and of course, dragons. This story has great characters and an epic storyline, apparently, the idea is taken from ancient myths. The dragons are part of an aerial army, and we follow one hopeful rider and her struggle to become a dragon rider. There’s everything in this story, love, revenge, battles, assassination attempts, pirates and diplomatic tensions.

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