Boyfriend Material By Alexis Hall Book Review

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall Book Review

I just want Boyfriend Material to be my gay BFF, so I can hang out with it forever and ever. It can keep telling me all of Luc’s lame jokes, and Oliver can make me French toast.

I loved everything about this book. I loved Luc and Oliver fighting, I loved them getting to know each other, I loved the queer culture, how much of a hot mess they were, the over-the-top British caricatures, and how Hall isn’t afraid to educate and debate sexuality.

Boyfriend Material Plot

When tangentially ― and reluctantly ― famous Luc O’Donnell is forced back into the spotlight in the worst possible way, he has to think fast if he wants to save his floundering reputation. Enter Oliver Blackwood. Stunningly handsome and effortlessly put together, Oliver is successful, an ethical vegetarian, and has never appeared in a scandal mag even once. In other words, he’s perfect boyfriend material and exactly what Luc needs to appear respectable again. But when their fake relationship starts to feel like real romance, Luc and Oliver might have to consider whether they’re willing to fight for the truth of their new relationship…scandal, and consequences, be damned.

Boyfriend Material Book Review

Boyfriend Material is about broken people putting each other back together. Luc, our narrator, is at rock bottom in every aspect of his life. It’s only when he starts to fake date Oliver that things start to look up.

This is an enemies to lovers, fake dating fail romance. I love their first date because they’re really quite terrible together. There’s sexual attraction, but not much else. But then they begin to be safe spaces for each other and it begins to work in the warmest, sweetest, sexiest way.

Luc is such a hot mess, and I kind of appreciate how honestly of a hot mess he is. He easily spills his fears and insecurities on Oliver while still struggling to share his past. Oliver is a sexy and sweet control freak who sucks at relationships even though he tries to give them his whole heart.

Like many of Hall’s other books, this one is funny, but as a bonus to the story. I never feel like his brand of humour detracts from the heart and soul of his books, it just adds another level of feeling. The tongue-in-cheek look at British society is hilarious. The character of Alex, someone from the British aristocracy, is so over the top, but somehow it just makes him funnier.

The queer culture and characters, like all of Hall’s books, are the best part of the story. I think they’re a great vehicle for teaching acceptance and understanding of unconscious or conscious homophobia. But he never does it in a preaching way. It’s all just part of the life and stories of the characters.

Like the different types of gay that Luc and Oliver are, how they choose their friends and inhabit the queer space. Hall doesn’t say that Oliver isn’t as comfortable in the gay world as Luc, he doesn’t even explain why, or if it’s bad or good. But we see it, and we can deduce why from the casual homephobia Oliver’s parents subject him to.

The actual fake dating, enemies-to-lovers romance is so fun, and lovely. There’s drama, there’s slow burn, there’s sex appeal. They seem to inhabit a space almost instantly of accepting that they’re crossing the line between allies-to-lovers. You just want it to work out for them so badly.

Boyfriend Material Rating


Boyfriend Material is one of my favourite books I’ve read this year. It’s got everything you need in a romance and then so much more that you didn’t know you needed.

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