Icebreaker Book Review

The sex in Icebreaker is on fire, but the actual plot will leave you cold.

All romance books pretend they’re not all about sex. Some even do it really well, just maybe not this one. There’s a plot, at least Icebreaker has something worked out, but it would be nothing without the sex. I was feeling pretty bored until they started getting down and dirty.

The Plot

Anastasia is a professional ice skater and control freak. Everything’s going to plan for her Olympic dreams until she starts falling for the Hockey team captain and her skating partner has an accident. Enter Nate Hawkins, captain of the hockey team and Anastasia’s new skating partner.

The Review

The premise of this book read like the perfect romance novel plot. I was excited. Then I started reading and I found myself a bit bored, mildly entertained, but still a bit bored. It just all seemed a bit slow and clinical. Then they started having sex and it got very hot and very interesting. Some authors can write great sex and Hannah Grace is one of them.

Nate Hawkins is the ultimate book boyfriend and that’s what saves Icebreaker. He says all the right things, he hits all the right G spots, and he’s got just enough bad boy to not get so perfect he becomes boring. I also appreciated Grace’s insistence to clearly state consent, especially while drunk, as I understand this is a massive problem in American university culture.

Some other notable mentions were the Hockey frat house that Nate lives in. They were fun and I appreciated the diversity. And also the positive representation of therapy and mental health in the story.

Anastasia’s skating partner, Aaron, was a little weird. Like, I think he would have worked better if he was maybe an ex or love interest, because in reality I just struggled to believe the abuse he was sending her way.


I know I’ve complained about the plot, but overall I did enjoy Icebreaker. The sex was really good, and Nate was hot.

— Bliss
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