Once Upon A Broken Heart By Stephanie Garber

Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber Book Review

Once Upon A Broken Heart is a fantastically bewitching tale of lost love and second chances. Oh, and a sizzling hot villain, who is refreshingly fiendish.

This book surprised me. I thought it was going to be a dark romance with an enemies-to-lovers plot. What I got was a fairytale romance with an enemies-to-friends-to-enemies-to-attraction-to-enemies romance.

The Plot

For as long as she can remember, Evangeline Fox has believed in true love and happy endings… until she learns that the love of her life will marry another. Desperate to stop the wedding and to heal her wounded heart, Evangeline strikes a deal with the charismatic but wicked Prince of Hearts. In exchange for his help, he asks for three kisses, to be given at the time and place of his choosing. But after Evangeline’s first promised kiss, she learns that bargaining with an immortal is a dangerous game—and that the Prince of Hearts wants far more from her than she’d pledged. He has plans for Evangeline, plans that will either end in the greatest happily ever after or the most exquisite tragedy…

The Review

Evangeline is our young protagonist and she is just the sweetest dumpling. She’s hopeful and naive and just wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and one million chances. It’s endearing rather than annoying.

The plot moves quite quickly, and I think it loses some depth at the beginning when the story and characters are being set up. It seemed a bit two-dimensional, but luckily this didn’t last very long.

Because then Evangeline goes to The Marvellous North and the author and story really come alive. It’s every Russian folklore but crazier and cuter, and so magical. Everything is snowy and sparkling and the gowns surpass your imagination, and the fairytale is always too good to be true.

There are a number of love interests in this book. Evangeline is desperate for her true love story. Jacks is obviously the main attraction, but in this book he’s just so fiendishly terrible and I enjoyed it. Unlike most enemies-to-lovers, he didn’t make any hidden declarations of love, and when he did save her it was always with a terrible ulterior motive. But there’s enough sexual tension to know that unbeknownst to these two enemies they’re on a crash course towards each other.


Once Upon A Broken Heart is a unique fairytale with a hopeful protagonist and an antagonistic anti hero. The journey is every little girl’s princess fantasy with unfortunate twists.

— Bliss
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