• Offtrack By Esha Patel Book Review

    Offtrack, by Esha Patel, is a feminist dream set in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing. Diana Zahrani is the first female in Formula 1, and she’s breaking records and winning hearts. It’s an awesome idea, and I was excited to give it a read. Read More

  • New Books In June I’m Excited About

    The Housemaid Is Watching Frieda McFadden 11 June 2024 “You must be our new neighbors!” Mrs. Lowell gushes and waves across the picket fence. I clutch my daughter’s hand and… Read More

  • Brokens Bonds – The Bonds That Tie By J Bree Book Review

    Hello, my name is Bliss, and I’m addicted to this series. J Bree dives into everyone’s dirty fantasies and I’m here for it. I didn’t know I needed 5 men lusting after one girl in my life, but here we are. If you’ve ever had a dirty fantasy then I’m pretty sure J Bree will have written it for you. Read More

  • Books With Dragons If You Liked Fourth Wing

    I've always been a fan of dragons in stories. They're so fantastical, and make everything, just that much more dangerous and exciting. Here's a list of books with dragons if you liked Fourth Wing. These books will continue your fantasy affair. All the books are quite different, but they have one thing in common, dragons! Read More

  • King Of Sloth By Ana Huang Book Review

    King Of Sloth left me feeling meh. I was excited for it. I love a good sexual tension lead-up through other books in a series, and this set-up promised goodies. But I just felt it lacked some drive and sex appeal. I’m not sure if I just read this after a vibrant Emily Henry binge, so it just seemed a bit beige in comparison. Read More

  • Funny Story By Emily Henry Book Review

    Emily Henry is the master of writing those sun-drenched, happy moments. Invoking the deep feelings of nostalgia and wonder you experience from one of those breathtakingly content experiences. Read More

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