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Part Of Your World is a sweet (sometimes sickeningly sweet) story of an impossible love spanning two very different worlds.

Romance stories are a way to escape reality, they’re fun and hopefully sexy. Sometimes a hero is so perfect he becomes way too unreal. Daniel Grant can’t put a foot out of line, which for me just made the sweet read a little bit meh. I don’t need a bad boy, but I do want some passion.

The Plot

Alexis Montgomery has money, fame and comes from a long line of prestigious doctors. Daniel Grant is a small-town mayor who’s just trying to keep his family home and catch his neighbour’s escapee pig. They meet accidentally, sparks fly, and they start a fling. Love starts to bloom, but their very different worlds make it impossible to be together unless one of them sacrifices everything.

The Review

I enjoyed reading Part Of Your World. It’s well written, the dialogue can be witty, and the stakes are high, but it did suffer from PHS – Perfect Hero Syndrome. A super duper perfect hero that sometimes, dare I say it, comes across as a heroine.

Daniel Grant was raised in a small town, by his grandparents and yet he has no problem talking about his feelings or expressing his pure and honest emotions. Let’s be honest, I grew up in a small town and that is not a recipe for modern masculinity. If his name had been Daniela it would have made more sense.

Their two separate worlds are very different, and it does add to the drama and interest of the story. Alexis is adamant she’s keeping him out of her world to protect him, but I think if she was honest with herself, it’s more from embarrassment. Luckily she gets over herself eventually, but the only reason Daniel’s still around is that he’s too bloody perfect.

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