Red, White, and Royal Blue: A Modern Love Story

I must admit, I was excited about reading this because of the hype, but I just expected a fun romance with not much substance. What you get is an achingly beautiful look into love, politics, and the power to be yourself and love who you choose.

Red, White and Royal Blue is set against the backdrop of American politics. Casey McQuiston is a passionate democrat, and it became a wistful alternate reality where a female is President in reaction to Trump winning the election.

The Plot

Alexander Claremont-Diaz is the son of the president of the United States. Everyone loves him except for his nemesis Prince Henry of Great Britain. After an international incident involving both of them and a $75,000 wedding cake, they are forced to pretend they are best friends.

This inevitably leads to a real-life friendship and then something more. Their forbidden romance is set against a backdrop of political campaigns and a world stage. Their every move is followed by the media making their clandestine meetings all the more precious and precarious.

Something that was meant to be fun for Alex begins to evolve into something serious. But it seems almost impossible that the world will accept them and their relationship.

The Review

You quickly become invested in McQuiston’s characters. They are multifaceted with depth, personal traumas, and triumphs. Alex is witty and fast-talking while Henry is the quiet prince forced to hide his homosexuality. The story is aggressively inclusive, which unlike some novels doesn’t come across as trite.

The storyline is exciting and many-layered. Kisses are scorching and stolen in secret. McQuisten subtly takes you from the highs of clandestine hookups to the poignant regrets of a relationship that is forced to live only in their hearts.

The emails that Alex and Henry write to each other are especially moving. This is where they profess their attraction and feelings for each other. The pros are poetic and sweep you away with the love story of our two heroes. Quotes from legendary figures and writers are used to express what our young lovers can’t.


I was excited by the premise of this book and was instantly swept up by the excitement of the enemy to lovers and the glamorous international storyline. But I also fell in love with the characters and was gripped by the unfairness and heartbreaking restrictions on their relationship. This book has so many layers and is sensitively and intelligently written. A must-read.

— Bliss
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