Rosaline Palmer Takes The Cake Book Review

Rosaline Palmer Takes The Cake had me laughing until I cried. It’s a hilarious read with a lot of heart.

This book has a hefty impact hidden behind its humour. It’s witty and funny enough to make you cry laughing, but it also asks some profound questions about prejudice when it comes to sexual orientation and background.

The Plot

Rosaline Palmer has entered Britain’s Bake Expectations to fix her life problems. She’s a college drop out with a feisty kid and disapproving parents. During the reality tv show she forms bonds with the other contestants that will make or brake her, and she might just discover who she is along the way.

The Review

This book is loud and proud, wise cracking it’s way through emotional turmoil, patisserie schlongs and near death experiences with goats. What it also is, is surprisingly subtle. The villain of the book is revealed so slowly and beautiful. Hall shows you little hints along the way until he shoves it in your face. It’s the same for the hero. Even as the reader you suddenly discover you’ve started rooting for someone else to win Rosaline’s heart.

Rosaline is bisexual, which is one of the themes of the book. She is judged and labelled for it. She’s an adept at fighting and educating the people she meets even though she finds it exhausting. Which is a perfect way to educate readers.

The other theme is the judgement of others whether that’s because of their class, language or being a teen mum and college drop out. Roseline is besieged by judgement for her life choices. But what she also discovers is the unconscious judgement she bestows on others.


Roselina Palmer takes the cake is a hilarious ride on Britain’s top baking show. It’s also a heartfelt romance and a journey of self discovery. It’s fun, it’s witty, and definitely worth a bite, or more.

— Bliss
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