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  • Happy Place By Emily Henry Book Review

    Happy Place is so hopefully heartbreaking. Emily Henry is the master of crafting a story that makes you feel bittersweet happiness and sadness all at once. Even her happy endings… Read More

  • King Of Sloth By Ana Huang Book Review

    King Of Sloth left me feeling meh. I was excited for it. I love a good sexual tension lead-up through other books in a series, and this set-up promised goodies. But I just felt it lacked some drive and sex appeal. I’m not sure if I just read this after a vibrant Emily Henry binge, so it just seemed a bit beige in comparison. Read More

  • Funny Story By Emily Henry Book Review

    Emily Henry is the master of writing those sun-drenched, happy moments. Invoking the deep feelings of nostalgia and wonder you experience from one of those breathtakingly content experiences. Read More

  • The Right Move By Liz Tomforde Book Review

    Right Move is the story of Ryan Shay and Indy Ivers, and another long, addictive read from Liz Tomforde. Read More

  • A Curse For True Love By Stephanie Garber Book Review

    A Curse For True Love is the last book in the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy by Stephanie Garber. Will Evangeline and Jacks finally get it together? Will he kill her with a kiss? These are some things I was looking forward to being answered. Read More

  • Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross Book Review

    Divine Rivals is a poetic romance set against a divine backdrop. It’s everyone’s favourite black and white movie with feuding lovers fighting it out in the newsroom mixed with World War II and Percy Jackson. Interestingly the disparate worlds work together. Probably because the most important part of the story is the romance. Read More

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