• Uprooted By Naomi Novik Book Review

    Uprooted is a devious book. You begin reading it and suddenly find yourself hooked. So hooked that you think about it randomly, become a huge fan of the author, and you end up reading it multiple times. Read More

  • A Curse For True Love By Stephanie Garber Book Review

    A Curse For True Love is the last book in the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy by Stephanie Garber. Will Evangeline and Jacks finally get it together? Will he kill her with a kiss? These are some things I was looking forward to being answered. Read More

  • The Ballad Of Never After By Stephanie Garber

    If Indiana Jones met a Russian Fairytale this is what it would look like. Fantastical tales told at a break-neck pace and an action-packed plot with hardly a chance for you to take a breath. And of course lots of wonderfully sizzling romance. Read More

  • Once Upon A Broken Heart By Stephanie Garber

    Once Upon A Broken Heart is a fantastically bewitching tale of lost love and second chances. Oh, and a sizzling hot villain, who is refreshingly fiendish. Read More

  • The Best Modern Fairytale Books You Need To Read

    Fairytales have always fascinated us. They're usually mystical and beautiful and sometimes even terrible. They truly translate you to a place very different to our normal world. When an author breathes life into a fairytale again, something magical can be created. These are some of the best modern fairytale books. Some of these modern fairytale books are a retelling of an old story, and others just embody the magic of a fairytale. Read More

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