Historical Fiction

  • The British Booksellers By Kristy Cambron Book Review

    The British Booksellers by Kristy Cambron is set in the Second World War during the Blitz of England. This is an interesting perspective, as many stories focus on the fighting not the suffering and fighting at home. Read More

  • Foul Lady Fortune By Chloe Gong Book Review

    Foul Lady Fortune is a genre bending tale of 1930s Shanghai. The major backbone is YA, but there’s thriller, romace, historical fiction and some sci-fi elements for good measure. What it also mixes are western and oriental values and cultures, which is the complicated history of Shanghai. Read More

  • The Gentleman's Gambit By Evie Dunmore Book Review

    The Gentleman’s Gambit is the long awaited last book in Evie Dunmore’s League Of Extraordinary Women series. Like all the others that came before it it’s pure, beautiful, sexy romance with a lens of captivating feminism over the top. Read More

  • Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross Book Review

    Divine Rivals is a poetic romance set against a divine backdrop. It’s everyone’s favourite black and white movie with feuding lovers fighting it out in the newsroom mixed with World War II and Percy Jackson. Interestingly the disparate worlds work together. Probably because the most important part of the story is the romance. Read More

  • 10 Best Historical Fiction Books Set In WWII

    Historical Fiction is a rich genre in books, especially when it comes to World War II and the stories that have been told. These books are a way to remember the unimaginable tragedies that unfolded, but also the hope and triumph. Here are ten of the best historical fiction books set in World War II. Some are based on true stories, and others are based on unique events that the author felt compelled to write about. Have a look through the list and let me know in the comments what you think. Are there other books that you would add to the best historical fiction books set in WWII. Read More

  • The Nightingale

    An invasion for no apparent reason, citizens fleeing in millions and suffering for it, children dying under machine gun fire. This all sounds horribly familiar if you’re following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and yet this is the content of The Nightingale set during the second world war.   Read More

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