• Books With Dragons If You Liked Fourth Wing

    I've always been a fan of dragons in stories. They're so fantastical, and make everything, just that much more dangerous and exciting. Here's a list of books with dragons if you liked Fourth Wing. These books will continue your fantasy affair. All the books are quite different, but they have one thing in common, dragons! Read More

  • The Last Dragon King by Leia Stone Book Review

    What do you get when you mix the Selection with Fourth Wing? You get a Bachelor style romance with fire breathing dragons. It’s kind of fun until it devolves into drama and chaos. Read More

  • These Twisted Bonds By Lexi Ryan Book Review

    These Twisted Bonds is the mirror of These Hollow Vows. I couldn’t put it down to begin with and then it got a bit boring. The follow-up novel deals with the mysteries surrounding Abriella, and her relationships with the two different princes. It definitely reads more like a romance novel, and the plot probably suffers because of this. Read More

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