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  • Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross Book Review

    Divine Rivals is a poetic romance set against a divine backdrop. It’s everyone’s favourite black and white movie with feuding lovers fighting it out in the newsroom mixed with World War II and Percy Jackson. Interestingly the disparate worlds work together. Probably because the most important part of the story is the romance. Read More

  • These Twisted Bonds By Lexi Ryan Book Review

    These Twisted Bonds is the mirror of These Hollow Vows. I couldn’t put it down to begin with and then it got a bit boring. The follow-up novel deals with the mysteries surrounding Abriella, and her relationships with the two different princes. It definitely reads more like a romance novel, and the plot probably suffers because of this. Read More

  • These Hollow Vows By Lexi Ryan Book Review

    These Hollow Vows was touted as a new ACTAR, so I decided to give it a go, even though I hate love triangles. It actually started out more like Thrown Of Glass (boring - the book, not the series), but luckily I stuck with it and was rewarded when the pace picked up. Read More

  • A Good Girl's Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson Book Review

    A Good Girls Guide to Murder is a true crime podcast in book form. It even follows the same path as the Adnan Syed Serial podcast with an ethnic family being vilified by a predominantly white community. Read More

  • Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros Book Review

    Fourth Wing is a TikTok sensation about grumpy dragons and unusual heroines. I’m a sucker for dragons, so I was happy to give this a go, especially with the promise of an enemies-to-lovers romance. Read More

  • The Cheat Sheet Book Review

    I spent all of this book waiting for something interesting to happen and it never did. Romance books are usually predictable with their storylines. There’s a meet cute, falling in love, some kind of drama and then happily ever after. The True Love Experiment even said it the most perfectly; isn’t it amazing that these stories still hook us even though we already know how it’s going to end. The Cheat Sheet definitely cheated me on this. Read More

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