The Best Books To Read For Pride Month

It’s June which means it’s Pride month. It’s time to embrace our diversity and say love is love! Here’s a list of the best books to read for Pride month. These books will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly introduce you to a whole host of inclusive characters. Word of warning, I’m currently in an Alexis Hall binge, so there’s going to be a few of his books in the list.

Stars In Your Eyes By Kacen Callender Book ReviewStars In Your Eyes

Kacen Callender

Stars In Your Eyes is a YA romance from Kacen Callender, the award-winning author of Felix Ever After. This book starts out with all the fun romance tropes. There’s enemies to lovers and fake dating, and hot celebrities. But what there also is is a heartwrenching look into childhood trauma and abuse. This book is a gut punch, but in a really good way.

The GuncleThe Guncle

Steven Rowley

The Guncle is a feel-good read that will make you laugh out loud and maybe shed a few tears. The Gay Uncle suddenly inherits his brother’s young children, and the story follows his hapless journey of looking after them, complete with strange Guncle rules, witty humourous characters and all the feels. This book will make you want to happy dance it’s so good.

Books To Read For Pride Month. A Lady For A DukeA Lady For A Duke

Alexis Hall

Here’s the first recommendation from my new favourite author, Alexis Hall. A Lady For A Duke is a historical romance set in the Regency era. It’s complete with dashing gentlemen, wayward ladies, scoundrels and even an abduction. What it also has is an amazing character in Viola Carrol, our trans female main character, who is navigating her new life, and the past she has left behind. The romance and the story of Viola discovering love with an old friend are thrilling.

Books to read for pride month. The House In The Cerulean SeaThe House In The Cerulean Sea

TJ Klune

The House In The Cerulean Sea is a popular book and appears on many lists as a must-read. It’s a quirky YA fantasy full of unique characters and detailed world-building. It’s also about unconditional love and accepting people for how they are, which is one of the core beliefs of the LGBTIQA+ community.

For Real By Alexis HallFor Real

Alexis Hall

For Real is a contemporary romance set in the world of BDSM. But it’s not just bondage and pain, it’s about finding acceptance and love. Hall adeptly navigates the complexities of a BDSM queer relationship in this heartfelt story. It’s sexy, its characters are not your usual stereotypes, and it’s really, really good.

Books to read for pride month. Land Of Milk And HoneyLand Of Milk And Honey

C Pam Zhang

Land Of Milk And Honey is a science fiction story about the end of the world and decadent food and desires. A young chef moves to a mountaintop colony, where people still live safely after a deadly fog slowly starts poisoning the world. In this new place, she learns about food, but also faith and privilege. This story is about the temptation of food, but also a woman learning to embrace her desires.

Books to read for pride month. She Who Became The SunShe Who Became The Sun

Shelley Parker-Chan

This is a sweeping novel about fate and choosing your own path when the world has already chosen it for you. Zhu is a girl destined for nothing in ancient China until her family are slaughtered and she chooses to assume the identity of her brother, who was destined for greatness. This story is about epic battles, but also the struggle to be who you really are, and love who you love.

Books to read for pride month. Returning by Kirli SaundersReturning

Kirli Saunders

Returning is a poetic masterpiece revolving around the author’s journey to re-discovering herself and her connection to her country as a queer person of colour. Each poem delves into her evolution through love and self. The events of COVID and the Black Lives Matter Movement are a backdrop to her voice. This book is also visual poetry with artwork inspired by the poem accompanying each one.

Books to read for Pride month. More Than These BonesMore Than These Bones

Bebe Backhouse

More Than These Bones is a poetry journey through Bebe Backhouse’s life, enduring heartbreak and revelling in self-discovery. This story is told from the perspective of a queer person of colour and the uneasy world he inhabits. The poems range from love to loss, from the bar, to the bed to the bush. They are accompanied by drawings and photos, helping you delve deeper into the world of the author.

Books To Read For Pride Month. You're The Problem, It's YouYou’re The Problem, It’s You

Emma R Alban

You’re The Problem, It’s You, is the gay regency romance sequel to Emma Alban’s Sapphic regency romance. It’s a vibrant story set in the detailed world of tea parties and balls, country manors and parliamentary chambers. This is your happy, fairytale queer romance, not a gritty realistic story. But let’s be honest, when we read romance we’re usually here for the happy ending and the sexual tension. Luckily we get a wonderfully happy ending and some sexual tension.

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