The Best Slow Burn Romance Books

The best slow-burn romances are stories that string you along with the perfect promise of love and explosive sexual chemistry. A slow-burn romance is all about the building of the relationship. There might be explosive chemistry, but it usually only bubbles with the promise of sex until towards the end. When done right the best slow-burn romances are delicious and addictive. You must keep reading until the protagonists finally get it together, usually right at the very end.

From Lukov With Love By Mariana Zapata Book Review. One of the best slow burn romance books.From Lukov With Love

Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata is the queen of slow-burn romance. All of her books are an exquisitely paced journey to lovers. She really writes the best slow-burn romance books. From Lukov With Love is no exception. The two protagonists start out as enemies, morph into friends and then slowly, in the best way possible become lovers. This book has explosive chemistry from the beginning and the best kind of drama that keeps throwing these two together.

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Yours Truly By Abby Jimenez Book ReviewYours Truly

Abby Jimenez

Yours Truly is a phenomenal book. The characters are nuanced and broken in beautiful ways. There’s a fun fake dating trope, which is where the slow-burn romance happens in perfect, exciting ways. These two love each other from the beginning, but due to past traumas, they remain stubbornly friends for most of the book. There are many moments of frustrated longing and mistaken interactions. Read it and savour the burn.

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Happy Place By Emily Henry Book ReviewHappy Place

Emily Henry

Happy Place is a bit different to the others as there are two stories, but the central journey is such a beautiful but excruciating slow-burn. This is one of the best slow-burn romance books. It’s an achingly beautiful read. Half of the story is watching a couple fall in love, but the other half is watching them fall apart. You have hope that they’ll be able to come together again, but it’s not until the very end that you are given the answer.

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The Hating Game ReviewThe Hating Game

Sally Thorne

The Hating Game is one of the best slow-burn romances. The interactions between the two protagonists are amazing, the banter is next level, and the sexual tension is sizzling. These two hate each other until they implode together. It’s the sweetest burn waiting for them to finally come to their senses and realise that hate feels an awful lot like love.

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Kulti by Mariana Zapata Book Review. The perfect slow burn romanceKulti

Mariana Zapata

As I’ve already stated, Mariana Zapata is a master of slow-burn romance, so she’s going to feature in this list more than once. Kulti has Zapata’s signature, perfect slow burn. The relationship between the two protagonists builds exquisitely from enemies to friends to finally, at the very end, lovers. The relationship builds perfectly, the tension between them growing, until there’s nothing they can do to stop the inevitable. Sometimes it feel like nothing much happens, but that’s the perfection of Zapata’s writing. She makes subtle so exciting that this book is unput-downable.

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Beard ScienceBeard Science

Penny Reid

Beard Science is the perfect slow-burn romance. You have the trope of the girl enlisting the guy to help her find a husband, except he accidentally starts falling in love with her. The interactions between these two are hilarious and exciting, especially because they don’t understand what is happening between them. The slow-burn is real as you wait for them to slowly fall for each other, while desperately trying to fall for other people.




The American Roommate ExperimentThe American Roommate Agreement

Elena Armas

The American Roommate Agreement is the second book from Elena Armas. These two protagonists are determined to stay friends. Every interaction is supposedly in the name of research for the romance being written. What it ends up being are perfect dates with sizzling chemistry while they pretend it’s all for pretend. Sometimes it was a little bit too slow burn for me, but it’s still a lovely read.




The-Flatshare By Beth O'learyThe Flat Share

Beth O’Leary

The Flat Share is the sweetest slow-burn romance. These two people get to know each other via post-it notes while sharing the same bed at completely different times of the day and night. The premise of this story is beautiful and funny and creates the perfect slow-burn. You spend the book excitedly wondering when they’ll finally meet, and it’s perfect when they do.



The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me by Mariana ZapataThe Wall Of Winnipeg And Me

Mariana Zapata

The Wall Of Winnipeg is one of the best slow-burn romance books. The building relationship between the two protagonists is handled so slowly, but is never boring. It’s a fake marriage trope, which truly helps with the slow-burn. The relationship builds slowly from associates, to fake marriage, to friendship and finally to lovers. Each point of drama helps inch the romance one step higher, creating the perfect waiting game.

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A Rogue Of One's Own Book ReviewA Rogue Of One’s Own

Evie Dunmore

A Rogue of One’s Own starts slow between the two leads. There’s tension and an enemies-to-lovers trope. But when they combust they really combust into sizzling, hot sex. It’s a perfect reward for sticking through the building tension. There’s also a fascinating suffragette story, which makes the forbidden lust even sexier.

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Making Faces, slow burn second chance romance based on beauty and the beastMaking Faces

Amy Harmon

Making Faces is a modern Beauty and the Beast. The slow-burn romance begins right from the beginning with an unrequited love. But eventually, second chances are offered and the love begins to simmer on both sides. This book will give you heartburn as well as slow burn so have some tissues ready.





Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa BaileyHook, Line, and Sinker

Tessa Bailey

Hook, Line, and Sinker is fun. You have a friends-to-lovers theme, so you know the burn will be slow as they try to fight their obvious attraction to each other. He’s been enlisted to help her wow her newest crush, but instead, they’re both beginning to fall madly in love. This one is sweet and steamy.





The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams slow burn romanceThe Cheat Sheet

Sarah Adams

The Cheat Sheet is very slow-burn romance. Two friends have to strike up a fake relationship to get money and popularity, but, with no surprise to anyone, they’re actually madly in love with each other. This story has some fun fake dating going on, and their friendship is cute and complicated. He’s a famous sports star and she’s a broke ballerina, so there’s plenty of public outings and aching for each other. It’s slow-burn but doesn’t spark much more than that.




Waiting For The Food by Alexis Hall Book ReviewWaiting For The Flood

Alexis Hall

Waiting For The Flood is a poetic, slow-burn romance from Alexis Hall. A flood is slowly sweeping through Oxford, and while the water rises it forces our protagonists together. They are opposites, so the two of them even meeting, would never usually happen, but there’s a spark, which then spreads into a slow burn. This is a slow romance with the main character finding himself while finding love again. There’s no smut, but it’s a beautiful story, and if you get the recently published version you get a short story at the end with tremendous amounts of great smut.

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