The Bodyguard by Katherine Center Book Review

The Bodyguard is a fun and often moving story of the unloved finding love. The main character is feisty and funny and the concept is a good one. Movie star needs bodyguard, she just won’t be what you expect.

Katherine Center wrote The Bodyguard during the pandemic. It’s her self-confessed happy place and it shows. There is of course trauma and depth like any good story that focuses on emotions, but these are like clouds. They just make the sunshine all the brighter.

The Plot

Hannah Brooks is a protection Agent, meaning she’s a bodyguard. Most people will underestimate her as she looks more like a kindergarten teacher than a badass bodyguard, but that’s the way it’s meant to be. She’s used to blending in on assignments, but she’s never had to go this far. Her latest assignment is Jack Stapleton, Hollywood heartthrob, and he wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend. His mum’s been diagnosed with cancer and he doesn’t want to cause her stress. Cue the fake dating fails.

The Review

I was entertained by The Bodyguard. It’s fun, it’s like sunshine, it’s poignant in parts and funny in others. The characters are quirky and a little broken, especially the main character, Hannah.

I loved that she could be a bitch sometimes, that she took no shit, all while still being vulnerable. Her interactions with her ex-boyfriend were some of my favourites, because of what a douchebag he was and how she handled him. The dialogue is witty and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between Hannah and the other main characters.

Her relationship with Jack Stapleton is very sweet. They both heal each other in different ways. Hannah is struggling with feeling unlovable and Jack is punishing himself for the death of his brother. Their interactions are warm and fuzzy, not sizzling and steamy, but it’s still entertaining.


The Bodyguard is a fun romance novel with a lot of heart. The concept is interesting (hello female bodyguard), and the characters are likeable but flawed. It didn’t sizzle for me, but I really enjoyed reading it, and I think that’s what Center wanted it to be. A feel good read born out of a hard few years.

— Bliss
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