The Fires Of Vengeance Book Review

The Fires Of Vengeance Book Review

The Fires Of Vengeance is the action-packed sequel to The Rage Of Dragons. There is no rest for our characters, and no rest for the reader sucked into the impossible odds.

In this follow up Tau has become the best, but Evan Winter, the author, is smart enough to stack the odds against him. Without this added weakness Tau could have become predictable and even boring.

The Plot

Tau is now Champion to the Queen of the Omehi. Together they must create an army out of nothing to try and win her kingdom back from the usurper Abash Odili. The odds are against them, but they hatch an impossible plan that only an impossible sacrifice can achieve.

The Review

The Fires Of Vengeance starts where the first book finishes and just starts running. To begin with, it feels like conflicts happen again and again and again, with not much rhyme or reason. It got to a point where I started thinking ‘not again’ as Tau was plunged into yet another problem. Was it just action for the sake of action or plot and character building?

Luckily it began to shape into a plot, and I began to make sense of it. There also began to be some moments of calm for more nuanced character and relationship building, which I enjoyed.

Some of my favourite parts of this novel was Tau’s building relationship with his Queen. It’s sweet and awkward and full of potential. And the Queen herself is a character I was excited to get to know better. Her belief in the face of disbelief is admirable, and her ability to drive the change she wants is epic.

The odds that Tau and his companions have to overcome are even more impossible this time. The conflicts are gripping and you just want them to triumph.

There’s some weakness in the beginning when it seems to just be senseless action for the sake of action, but luckily it does settle into a plot and arc. The character of Tau’s mother was also a confusing addition for me. I have the feeling her role will develop in the next books, but right now she was just an added extra with not much meaning.


The Fire Of Vengeance is a fast passed action fantasy. Tau is still as exciting as he was in the second novel, and I’m invested in his survival. The impossible is what our characters are presented with and the action is always nail biting.

— Bliss
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