The Golden Enclaves - The Cost Of Safety

The Golden Enclaves is the last book in Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series. This is the first book outside of the deadly school, but there’s still a race to save the enclaves from mysterious destruction.

Novik’s book is an exploration of how far is too far to save yourself and the ones you love. Is one terrible evil worth it to save hundreds of lives, or does this just create a circle of pain and suffering? El is the conduit for these questions, as she grapples with her immense power and the edge she must walk to stay in the light and beat her grandmother’s prophecy.

The Plot

In this last book, El must confront her hatred of the classist enclaves and the prophecy made by her great-grandmother. Will she bring death and destruction to the Enclaves of the world as foretold in the prophecy, or will she save them with the incredible power only she has?

The Review

This book has so many moments of excitement, pure elation, and then revulsion. I’d randomly get tears in my eyes, just because of how intense it was and how beautifully Novik wrote these heart-wrenching situations. Characters are pushed to their limits and forced to make terrible decisions. Should El save the world, or save the one she loves?

The mystery of the enclaves is slowly revealed and it is terrible. The system is not just classist it is saturated in death. The mystery of El and Orion is also slowly revealed and it is also just as terrible. I did want more interactions between Orion and El, as I really enjoyed them in the first two books, but their storyline makes that impossible. This did mean there was a secondary romance, but that just seemed a bit forced.


Was this book as good as the first two? Maybe not. It kind of got a bit messy with the plot and there was a random romance, but I still loved it. El is the hero nobody saw coming, and I want to be her grupie, which obviously she’d hate.

— Bliss
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