The Hating Game: Enemies Have Never Been So Sexy

The Hating Game Review

The Hating Game is a sexy as hell enemies to lover’s romance by Sally Thorne. Hating someone can feel a lot like loving someone, especially when sparks fly this hot. You’ll love this kind of hate, especially when it culminates in no holds barred sex.  

The Hating Game will have you alternatively giggling over the snappy dialogue or fanning yourself because of the smoldering chemistry between the two main characters. It’s set up as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, but the feuding families are two publishing houses with two very different views on what makes a great book.  

…the most essential thing anyone needs to know about me, is this: I hate Joshua Templeman.

The hating game

The story has already been snapped up by Hollywood. Here’s hoping the storyline can be turned into a sexy and smart Rom-Com.  

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman both work for Gamin and Bexley Publishing. Ever since the merger, they’ve been caught in a battle of one-up-manship. All the tension finally culminates when an elevator ride becomes too hot to handle. Suddenly the hatred has also morphed into chemistry that neither one can deny.  

The snappy dialogue is one of the best parts of The Hating Game. Lucy and Josh have exquisite conversations filled with animosity and innuendo. The barbs fly fast and furious. The only people unable to see the attraction they have for each other are themselves.  

I shrug on my coat. “Just fueled by my hate for you.”

the hating game

Their hating games are so delicious I was gleefully giggling all through the book. Even when they begin caving to their desire for each other the sexual tension keeps the story ticking.  


If you’re looking for an enemies-to-lovers story that’s exciting, sexy, and funny then make sure you read the Hating Game. It will make you laugh, sigh, and fall in love with this sexy kind of hate.

— Bliss
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