The Last Graduate Book Review

The Last Graduate is a wild ride from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat gripping the book with white knuckles. You know something is going to happen, but Naomi Novik keeps on moving the goalposts/graduation doors.

A Deadly Education was such a smash hit for me that I wasn’t sure how the follow up book in the series would fare. Would I be able to love it just as much. The answer I found quickly is yes. Yes, yes, yes. There’s more monsters, more awkward romance, and more El being fantastically El.

The Plot

The Last Graduate starts where A Deadly Education finishes. There’s no school break so it’s instantly back to class for El and her friends. El is prepared for the craziness of senior year, but what she isn’t prepared for is the school apparently being out to get her. The monsters are back and all they want is El. With twists and turns El is led towards graduation. The closer she gets to it, the more she begins to question if the school wants her dead, or wants her help.

The Review

We really get to see El come into her power in this book. In the first it’s there, but she never really gets to use it. In the Last Graduate she gets to flex her magical muscles and it is cool. Like, I have a crush on her, cool.

The prose are still funny, still full of improbable moments and hilarious one liners. But underneath it all is the impending doom of a graduation where almost none survive. The connections El is making are always bittersweet, and as the reader you’re always wondering and hoping if these characters will make it.


The Last Graduate is a darkly humerus read. Every chapter is packed with excitement and twists and turns. I gulped it down after my babies had gone to bed (when I probably should have been sleeping too). Usually impending doom stresses me out, but this was just the right amount of doom and kick arse that I loved it.

— Bliss
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