The Rage Of Dragons

The Rage Of Dragons Book Review

When I was deciding if I’d give this book a read I saw some reviews on Goodreads say it was unputdownable. Well, they were right.

This is mostly due to the high stakes of the story and the drive of the main character. I’m not sure how Evan Winter did it, but he’s made madness look sexy.

The Plot

Tau is a Common in the warrior society of the Omehi. This means he is weaker, smaller, and less gifted than the nobility. Tau is determined to escape the never-ending war until a terrible tragedy strikes, and he swears revenge against his own people. The only way Tau can be successful is to become the greatest warrior that has ever lived. The stakes are high and the odds are impossible.

The Review

The strength of this book is the unfaltering, manic drive of the main character, Tau. Just when you think he’s failed he finds a way, over and over again. It’s a tale of David and Goliath and by the end of the book you’re as invested as Tau is.

His obsession with being better than what he was born to be is awe inspiring and weirdly sexy. When he starts fighting with two swords it’s such an exciting moment. The better he gets, the more invested in his story I become.

This is a fantasy book, but I wouldn’t say there was a lot of world-building. It was almost sci-fi with how it explains almost nothing. You are plunged into the world and expected to keep up. I didn’t find this a problem, as it’s quite a straightforward world, and the main plot is extremely simple. This is a tale of revenge.

There is a love story, but it’s a side plot to the revenge. It helps to keep Tau more human, and will help steer Tau into the next novel, which I’m really looking forward to reading.


The Revenge of Dragons is a breath taking ride from start to finish. The drama is exciting and the main character is awe inspiring. You get to watch a legend being born.

— Bliss
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