The Right Move By Liz Tomforde Book Review

Right Move by Liz Tomforde Book Review

Right Move is the story of Ryan Shay and Indy Ivers, and another long, addictive read from Liz Tomforde.

Right Move sits in the same universe as Mile High, but focuses on the world of professional basketball.

The Right Move Plot

RYAN: She’s a distraction, that’s what she is. I’m the newest Captain of the Devils, Chicago’s NBA team, and the last thing I needed this year was for Indy Ivers, my sister’s best friend, to move into my apartment. She’s messy, emotional, and way too tempting. But when the team’s General Manager vocalizes his blatant disapproval of my promotion to Captain, referring to me as an unapproachable lone wolf with no work-life balance, I can’t think of a better way to convince him otherwise than pretending to date my outgoing roommate. The only problem? Faking it feels far too natural. Having a fake girlfriend wasn’t supposed to be messy but having Indy under my roof and in my bed is complicated, especially when she wants all the romantic parts of life that I could never give her.

INDY: I never imagined I’d be living with my best friend’s brother, NBA superstar Ryan Shay. Even more unbelievable? He needs me to act as his loving girlfriend who’s suddenly changed him into a friendly and approachable guy. Because, well…he’s not. He’s controlling of his space and untrusting of others. Our arrangement isn’t one-sided, though. I’m in a wedding coming up, one where every one of my childhood friends, including my ex-boyfriend, will be in attendance, and there’s no better date than my ex’s celebrity hero. Blurred lines make it almost impossible to separate real from fake. Falling for my roommate was never part of the deal, especially when Ryan is quick to remind me that he doesn’t believe in love. I’m a romantic and can’t help fantasizing that he’ll change, but soon enough, I find myself questioning if sharing a roof with my best friend’s brother was the right move after all

The Right Move Review

I loved Indy!!! She is the ultimate character. My favourite part was when she said to Ryan ‘you know that saying, not like other girls? Well I’m like other girls’. She loves dresses, getting dressed up, romance, flowers and taking aesthetic pictures of her food. I love that female characters can be so unique these days, but it’s nice to have another female character that embraces her basic bitch sides as well. This was a nice change from Stevie, who I appreciated as a character, but I did want to burn all of her clothing.

Ryan was an ok character, but put him with Indy and their interactions were fire. I just loved how they joked and interacted, and how truthful they could be with each other.

I didn’t believe Ryan’s character would tell a lie to his general manager about having a girlfriend, it seemed too out of character, but it sure created some memorable and amazing moments. So, I’ll forgive it, because this book was fun.

It was fun watching them get to know each other. It was great watching them both grow because of each other. And the building sexual tension was chefs kiss.

There wasn’t quite as much info dumping as Tomforde’s first book, which was nice. Who needs a monologue when you can show it.

Some things I found not so great was how obviously shit Indy’s ex boyfriend was. I think we could have just had someone who got cold feet and wanted to look around. But instead he turned out to be dastardly and always told her to shut up and just look pretty. Which I thought was kind of weird, because Indy was the ultimate host. Who’d want someone so good at working a room to shut up?

Also, like her last book, the big drama at the end was annoying because it was way more over the top than it needed to be. It was one of those dramas where the characters obviously still love each other, but they’re refusing to talk so problems happen that don’t need to happen.


This was a good read! It’s addictive and the tropes of forced proximity and fake dating were fire. Indy especially was an amazing character. It’s long, but everything still manages to make it a quick read.

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