The Rose And The Dagger Book Review

I was excited to read The Rose and the Dagger, but what an anti-climax. The story gets lost in the desert and doesn’t quite make it out.

The Plot

Shahrzad has been ‘rescued’ and is now trapped in the desert with the rebels. She’s desperate to end the curse for Khalid and save him from the civil war started by her first love.

The Review

It took me ages to finish this book. Which was very different to how quickly I read the first. The magical aspects still didn’t seem to fit and the characters were just a bit annoying. Shahrzad is trying to find her magic in this book, but she only really uses it to ride a magic carpet around. The ending of the terrible curse also seems a bit anticlimactic.

I still enjoyed the interactions between Khalid and Shahrzad and there were some interesting moments every now and then.


Overall it was just all a bit boring. Not terrible, but not as exciting as the first book.

— Bliss
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