The Spanish Love Decption: Hating Game Fan Fic?

The Spanish Love Deception is like foreplay. Sometimes it´s sexy as hell and you don´t want it to end. Other times it drags on for too long while they play around with the wrong spot.

Let´s start with the elephant in the room. Is this The Hating Game fan fiction? I was inspired by the Spanish Love Deception to read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne again and boy were there some huge similarities. Enemies to lovers at work, a Clark Kent look-alike, and a wedding where the big O happens. The animosity even starts with a smile that is not reciprocated.

The Plot

When Lina discovers her ex-boyfriend is engaged and will be the best man at her sister’s wedding, she panics and tells her family that she will be bringing her new boyfriend. The only problem is he doesn’t exist. To Lina’s surprise her arch-nemesis from work, Aaron, agrees to help her and pretend to be her boyfriend. Together they concoct a deception to trick her Spanish family. Lina is adamant that she hates Aaron, but the more time they spend together pretending to love each other, the harder it becomes to tell fact from fiction.

The Review

The Spanish Love Deception has a slow start and tends to get bogged down in minute interactions and descriptions. A short conversation at the beginning goes for fifteen pages (on kindle) and every flutter of the eyelash and smoldering frown is dissected.

Intense descriptions are not always a bad thing in romance novels. They can increase the immersion and the building of pleasure in the growing relationship. However, sometimes it seemed to drag on in the beginning. It also was missing the snappy dialogue that The Hating Game does so well.

Until halfway through I wasn’t hooked. It was fun but hadn’t really captured me. And then Aaron and Lina flew to Spain, and I finally understood the excitement about the Spanish Love Deception.

Once in Spain everything just becomes sexier and steamier. The line between their pretend and real feelings is starting to fall apart. The extra danger that Elena Armas adds to their relationship because they work together is all too real and uncomfortable for women in the workforce.


After a slow start, and focusing too long on the wrong spot the Spanish Love Deception really picks up when they head off to Spain. The romance is engaging and the trope of falling in love while pretending to love is funny and exciting. Yes, sometimes Aaron is described as big too many times, and some passages can be slow, but most of the time it's fun, sexy, and a good read.

— Bliss
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