The True Love Experiment Book Review

I started reading The True Love Experiment because I needed a fun, easy book on a road trip, and because the reviews looked good. Well, holy moly, I did not expect to read one of my favourite books of the year!

The True Love Experiment has it all. It’s funny, it’s exciting, there’s romance, there’s spicy hot sex and there’s a tear-jerker ending. I loved it and it’s mainly because of the characters.

The Plot

Fizzy Chen is a successful romance writer who’s lost her love for love. So when she’s offered the chance at finding it in a reality TV show she decides there’s nothing she can lose and says yes. Except she starts to find love on the show, but behind the camera not in front.

The Review

I love Fizzy and Connor! They are so supremely wonderful as characters. Fizzy is hilarious, but so full of heart. She’s the feminist champion that this world needs. Connor is the sexiest, most perfectly imperfect book boyfriend. I wanted more of them. I really didn’t want this book to end.

TTLE had me hooked right from the beginning. There’s no downtime. I always wanted to pick it up to find out what was happening next. The relationship building is the best thing ever and the drama of it being forbidden just makes it better and better.

You can just tell that these two authors love romance, and I love that they love it. Fizzy is the conduit for them. She goes into battle for romance and even made me question some of my preconceived ideas on the genre, and I’m a romance fan.

The ending made me want to shriek with glee and cackle at the amazing outlandishness. I even got tears in my eyes because of how excited I was for the characters. High fives and hot steamy kisses for everyone!

There were some little niggles, which I was more than happy to forgive. Everyone is perfectly beautiful and good-looking, which is a bit le sigh. The drama at the end that keeps them apart ( before bringing them closer) seemed a bit contrived, like it didn’t quite fit into their character arcs, but it also kind of did, so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.


The True Love Experiment is such a beautiful, fun read. Fizzy is the best thing since sliced bread and is a revelation in character depth and hilarity. Connor steadies her, while bringing the sex appeal. Do yourself a favour and fall in love with these two and the romance genre.

— Bliss
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