The Wrath And The Dawn Book Review

Persian folklore’s worst husband gets a makeover in The Wrath and the Dawn.

The Wrath and the Dawn is a new take on the Persian story of a Thousand And One Nights, and it’s an interesting one. Renee Ahdieh has retold the ancient tale, so instead of just a homicidal maniac that kills his brides each morning, the king of Khorason is an angsty poet with a mysterious secret who kills his brides each morning.

The Plot

Shahrzad volunteers as tribute in the hunger games that is the marriage to Khorason’s young tyrant king. She is there to kill him for the murder of her best friend. She delays her death by weaving tales for the inscrutable boy king. Awkwardly for Shahrzad she begins to fall for him, but luckily for Shahrzad there is a secret reason why the wives must die, and she becomes determined to find out the truth.

The Review

The Wrath And The Dawn hooked me from the beginning. It’s easy to read and the mystery surrounding the killing of the wives helps to keep you turning the pages.

So too does the growing love between Shahrzad and the boy-king Khalid. Their interactions when he visits her at night are interesting. Shahrzad uses stories to connect with him and teach him lessons when he needs them. The growing attraction adds to the drama of the situation. Especially when you find out the cost of their love.

There’s a hint of magic in the story, which seems like a bit of an afterthought. The mysterious curse is an integral part of the story, but everything else is secondary to the romance and intrigue. There’s also a necessary side story with Shahrzad’s first love that I found pretty boring, to be honest. Every time it cut over I just wanted to read through it to get back to the main storyline.


The Wrath and the Dawn is an exciting story with interesting character interactions and premise. I read it quickly and dove right into the second.

— Bliss
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