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Requesting A Book Review

Books are a passion of mine, so first, thank you for stopping by Books For Bliss and working with me.

If you’d like to request a book review please fill out the form below to send me an email with the details of your request. I will read every email and respond within 24hrs to let you know if I am able to write you a review.

Please be clear with any expectations you have and any theme or aspect of the book you would like me to mention. I will try and keep this in mind.

Book Review Guidelines

I will only review books that I finish in full. If I can not finish the book for whatever reason, then I will not review it and will return it.

All my reviews are based on the model of

  • Intro/hook
  • Pertinent Information to the book
  • The plot
  • The review with my oppinons
  • The summary

I will publish both good and bad opinions about the books that I read. If I mention anything negative I will always include an explanation as to why I feel this way. I will never say that I hate anything. My reviews do tend towards the positive as I’m a positive person.

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